Car Engine Repair 

If you are looking for a car engine repair service in Sharjah, UAE, you have landed on probably the best car engine repair service that exists in Sharjah.

If your car is having major breakdowns or some other ill-signals, it’s time to visit us and have the exclusive car engine repair service in Dubai. Going forward we also have a car engine replacement service available for you. While we do the repairing of a car engine, we inspect, analyze and make your car, go through a series of improvements. So, if you believe that you need a car engine repair service in Dubai, ARM is your partner for sure.

1. Oil Changing

Under the usage of usual oil, it is recommended by ARM’s experts to change the oil of the car engine every 3000-3500 miles of running. We suggest this because maximum damage to your car happens when there is no regular oil changing pattern. Lack of oil supply in the engine may cause long-term damage to engine bearings, valves, camshafts & crankshafts, etc.

2. Engine Tuning

The car manufacturer gives a word of an expected life span of a spark plug; which happens to be around 1,00,000 miles each. However, our experts with their experience suggest that this piece of information doesn’t always hold true and that spark plugs wear out at around 700,000 miles itself. Along with it, it also causes corrosion and damage to the attached wiring, control modules, etc.

3. Timing Belt/Chain

The timing belts/chains are under tremendous strain as a result of the smooth functioning of the camshaft, valves, and pistons. This strain causes them to wear and tear sooner. If the timing belts break off, there occurs collision amongst the involved mechanical parts causing long-lasting damage to tiny yet important elements of the engine.

4. Water Pump

The role of a water pump is to supply coolant to the engine so as to maintain the engine temperature. Our experts have deducted that the state of the water pump is directly proportional to that of the timing belt.

5. Head-Gasket Repair

The head-gasket repair is most crucial because the damage is the result of overheating of the engine. In case the head-gasket of your car is damaged, the metal components have melted and made a space for the coolant to leak between the engine block and cylinder heads. This is a very dangerous situation for your car engine and sometimes may not be repaired too.

We at ARM have a well-equipped team of professionals and technicians who not only diagnose the issue of your car well but also treat it to cure it of its root. Our team of mechanics is expert in repairing and replacement of Car engines. We offer car engine repair service in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across UAE for the below car brands:

Porsche Car engine repair service
Ferrari Car engine repair service
Maserati Car engine repair service
Aston Martin Car engine repair service
Lamborghini Car engine repair service
Audi Car engine repair service
Bentley Car engine repair service
McLaren Car engine repair service
Rolls-Royce Car engine repair service
Land Rover Car engine repair service
And other similar brands Car engine repair services across UAE.

So, if you are looking for the right hands to treat your car’s engine issues, we are your partner in car engine repair services in Sharjah, UAE. Contact us today for more details.